Guideline for Logo Design Competition

Guideline for Logo Design Competition

For Imo State Water & Sewerage Corporation.


The Imo State Water & Sewerage Corporation is looking for a new logo that will better identify the organization as part of its corporate rebranding process. In order to prepare for this transition and raise the public's awareness and understanding of the ‘new’ corporate identity and culture, ISWSC, in consultation with the Ministry for Water Resources and relevant counterparts has initiated a Logo Design Competition for the public to highlight the corporation’s effort towards improved services for Imo state.

Content and requirements of Logo Design

The Logo should be around the theme of a water corporation; professional and with strong artistic value. Preferred primary colors are Blue and White; with touches of Gray and Black. It is advised to avoid the use of any ethnic or religious taboos/connotations.

The Logo must be original and not infringe the rights and interests of third parties. 

The final selected Logo shall be used as the official logo for ISWSC.

The submitted designs shall take the Logo as the main body with some basic visual elements:  standard font (English), standard color, auxiliaries etc.  Horizontal and vertical lockups; and positive and negative monochromes should be provided. All entries should be submitted electronically in the most common logo file formats; JPG, PNG. SVG. EPS. PDF.

Please submit the design with description in English, to describe the idea and explain the Logo in not more than 300 words. 

2. Eligibility

2.1 The general public are invited to join the competition. (Young people are particularly encouraged to apply).

Contestants are permitted to work in groups; however, only one (1) prize will be awarded regardless of group size.

Submission guideline:

3.1 All entries must be submitted electronically; please zip the designed Logo in JPG and PNG and send to , noting “Logo collection” in the email subject.

3.2 One or more submissions per person is acceptable. Each submission must be sent in a separate email.

3.3 There is no fee to enter the contest.

     4.  Deadline for submission

February 12th, 2020 (all entries beyond this date will be considered invalid).

 Determination of Winner and Prize

Designs will be preliminarily selected among all the participants’ works and the winners will be presented a certificate of honor. The designer of the final selected logo will be awarded a bonus of NGN75,000 and a Gubernatorial handshake, second runner up goes home with NGN50,000 and third runner up receives NGN30,000.

6. Intellectual Property

All the submitted designs will not be returned.

The designer will bear legal responsibility for tort and shall be prosecuted if his or her design have caused losses to ISWSC.

The copyright and usage right of the selected works shall belong to ISWSC, thus, the designer cannot authorize the logo to any other individual or organization.

The above bonus amount refers to the amount after tax.

 All the participants are deemed to adhere to the above statements.

The rights of final interpretation of the Logo Design Competition shall belong to ISWSC.